How to clean the screen of your TV

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  • 8 July, 2019
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TVs are not how they used to be, before the tubes had a the glass screen, but now with the LEDs and the LCDs we have to be very careful, because it cannot be cleaned in the same way, since it depends on how we do it, we could be harming the device.

Let’s start, with the cleaning of fingerprints or other elements more difficult to clean. The screen should not be sprayed directly with any liquid, it should be put on a cloth, we recommend that it has to be made of microfiber and special for screens, and then with the cloth moistened (not dripping), you should gently rub the screen of our television. You can simply use water or other specific options such as isopropyl alcohol, which does not leave marks and evaporates quickly.

If the screen is not too dirty, in other words, it does not have fingerprints or other problems, we should simply use a dry cloth to remove the dust, always rubbing gently. The use of disposable chamois or dusters that accumulate static electricity can damage the operation of the TV, so they are not recommended.

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